Abstract Art

I am an Artist that works mainly in the field of Abstraction.

Abstract art is defined as art that does not attempt to represent external, recognizable reality but seeks to achieve its effect using shape, form, color, value, line, and texture.

In review on my 2013 goals post

"2013 goals in no specific order as of right now

Try 300 different beer at 265 only 35 more to go.

Draw more figure and portrait

Buy $100+ Bottle of whiskey

Fill a 3rd Artbin with Artist grade acrylic paints

Quit smoking

Go fishing twice a month

Visit Eli in Alaska

Have my first solo art show

Make it through this year alive.”

I made my goal of reaching trying 300 different beers and then some I am at 358.

I didn’t get to draw as much figure and portrait as I would have liked too but I did some.

I didn’t buy a $100 bottle of whiskey I did buy a of HighLand Park 12 year old for $55.

I did fill a 3rd art full of paint but instead of acrylics it was Oil Paint.

I did quit smoking.

I almost went fishing twice a month.

I did go visit Eli in Alaska.

I sadly only didn’t get a solo art show and only showed four times.

But all in all I made it through the year alive and that has to count for something.

A much needed beer.

A much needed beer.

Absolutely worth every penny.

Absolutely worth every penny.

My painting so far now.

My painting so far now.